Results Collection August 2017

A-Level Results Day – Thursday 17 August:

All results are available for collection from Phoenix House at the following times:

  • Year 13 – 8.00 am
  • Year 12 – 9.00 am

Students should aim to collect their results before 12.30 pm.

Any results which are not collected will be available from our new building (MC2, at the White Rose Office Park), from Monday 21 August.

GCSE Results Day – Thursday 24 August:

All GCSE results will be available to collect from 9.30 am in the new MC2 building at the White Rose Office Park.

If you are unable to collect your examination results for any reason, you have two options:

You can nominate someone else to collect your results. If you choose this option, you must complete a third party authorisation form, which you can collect from Reception at either Optim or Phoenix house, or can be downloaded by following the link below. This must be either e-mailed to exams@elliotthudsoncollege.ac.uk , or handed in at Phoenix House Reception once complete.

Alternatively, we can post out your results. You must provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope, this must be handed in at Reception at either Phoenix House, or Optim no later than Friday 14 July.

If you have any queries regarding results collection, please either email exams @elliotthudsooncollege.ac.uk before Friday 14 July, or info@elliotthudsoncollege.ac.uk after this date.

Exam Guidance

Exams are a crucial part of your life and Elliott Hudson College will make every effort to ensure you receive the best possible preparation, that administrative arrangements run smoothly and that exams are conducted in a way that will make the experience stress-free and successful.

When Are The Main Examination Sessions?

GCSE Re-Sits November
Mock Exams January
AS/A Levels May – June
End of Year Internal Exam June

What Exams Could You Be Entered For?

  • GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • GCE (General Certificate of Education) – AS and A2
  • Public/External Exams are set and marked by external organisations, they are run under regulations set down by examination boards and the results are reported nationally.
  • Internal/Mock Exams are marked by teaching staff and are for Elliott Hudson College use only. We use the same format as a public/external exam and keep them as true to real exam conditions as possible.

The nature of the exams varies. While the majority of papers are written, some are entirely (or part) oral, listening, visual, practical, performance or on-screen.

Where Do My Examinations Take Place?

All public/external exams are held at Phoenix House, where we use the hall and some class rooms. Exams start at 9.00 am for a morning exam and 1.30 pm for an afternoon exam and you are expected to register in the Restaurant 30 minutes before.

Internal/mock exams will be held at which ever site you are based at. Again, we will be using the hall and some classrooms. Start times will be 9.00 am for morning exams and 1.30 pm for afternoon exams. You will be required to register 30 minutes before

Individual timetables are generated and distributed prior to all exam seasons. It is each student’s responsibility to know the date and times of their examinations, together with the equipment they need.

Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements such as readers, scribes or extra time are pre-examination adjustments based on an evidence of need and a student’s normal way or working. They allow candidates to access the examinations/assessments without being disadvantaged. The need for an access arrangement has to be assessed by an independent, qualified assessor and an application is then submitted to each exam board. If you had an access arrangement for your GCSE’s, or you feel that you may qualify for one, please inform your Progress Tutor, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Coursework and Controlled Assessments

Coursework and controlled assessments are subject to JCQ rules and regulations. The regulations state that:

  • “the work which you submit for assessment must be your own”
  • “you must not copy from someone else or allow another candidate to copy from you”

If you copy the work or ideas of others and don’t show your sources in references, this will be considered as cheating (see Plagiarism section of the Student Handbook).

Absence From Exams / Illness

If you are unwell or have been affected by circumstances outside your control at the time of your exam but feel able to sit it, please inform the Exams Officer. Should these circumstances affect your performance during your exams, a request for Special Consideration can be made afterwards. This is a post-exam adjustment based on your individual situation and is at the exam board’s discretion.

If you are unable to attend an exam due to illness or some other serious reason, you must contact College Reception as soon as possible, or at the latest, 8.00 am on the day of your exam. If appropriate, medical evidence must be provided stating your illness, specific dates and that you were unfit to take the exam.

Misreading your timetable is not an acceptable reason for absence.


We are unable to provide results by telephone or email. A third party can collect results as long as they have a letter of authorisation from the student concerned (an authorisation form can be collected from Reception). Alternatively, results can be posted home. A stamped, self-addressed envelope must be handed to the Exams Officer before we break up for Summer.

2017 Results Days:

November GCSE Re-sits – Thursday 12 January 2017

AS/A Level and International Examinations – Thursday 17 August 2017

GCSE – Thursday 24 August 2017


Exam timetable for November 2017 and summer 2018 will be available here in early September. If in the meantime, you need any information regarding exam timetables, please contact the Exams Officer.

Examination Guidance