Pastoral Support

At Elliott Hudson College we recognise the importance of ensuring every student is fully supported and cared for whilst giving students the opportunity to enjoy freedoms not afforded traditionally by School Sixth Forms.

The pastoral structure predominantly consists of four ‘Alliances’, each made up of Year 12 and Year 13 (2016 onwards) students. Students will gather for an Alliance meeting usually once every four weeks. Their Head of Alliance (a member of staff) will usually lead these meetings but crucially the Student Alliance Body will also play a prominent role within these and will work with the Head of Alliance to ensure the Alliance meetings are an outstanding experience for all students.

The Student Alliance Body will also be critical in supporting the work of the Alliance in ‘Alliance events’ which encompass a range of academic and sporting challenges designed to seek out and reward the Alliance which ultimately demonstrates all-round ability and most importantly outstanding participation and team-work.

Linked to the Alliance are the Progression Tutors. Students will meet formally with their Progression Tutor once a fortnight during which students will be able to discuss all aspects of their work, enrichment, progression and any other aspects of their life. A student’s Progression Tutor will stay with them throughout Year 12 and in many cases until the end of Year 13; they are the first point of contact for any issues a student may have.

Students are not required to attend formal registration periods at the college. We know from speaking to students that they are keen to be able to demonstrate their maturity in utilising their time effectively to support their studies and are able to access additional pastoral support when they need to. Alliance Leaders will co-ordinate all aspects of the Pastoral work which will ultimately be overseen by the Senior Leadership Team.

Communication between the Progression Tutors and the Alliance Leaders will be first rate and will further support the outstanding Pastoral work of the college. Should parents/carers wish to contact the college with regard to a pastoral issue they will be able to contact a student’s Progression Tutor or Alliance Leader.

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