Choosing your course

Elliott Hudson College focuses on Advanced courses of study, which take two years.

In the past students would typically take four AS Levels during Year 12 and would then choose three of these subjects to complete an A Level in; the AS Level grade would contribute 50% of the overall marks for the A Level grade. However, 2015 marks a change in Level Three qualifications. A number of AS Levels are now stand-alone qualifications where a student’s performance at AS Level will have no bearing on their final A Level grade in these subjects.  These reforms will take approximately three years.  Teaching of the first wave of the new specifications will commence in September 2015 and affects the following subject areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, Art & Design, Business, Computer Science, Economics, History, Sociology and Psychology.

At EHC students who study the new A Level will still sit the AS exam but the achieved grade at the end of year 12 will not contribute to the overall A Level. The achieved grade will however, provide an accurate assessment of their performance at AS Levels, inform universities of potential and indicate to the school potential for full A Level study.

Students at Elliott Hudson College will still be able to study  4 AS Levels in the first year before selecting 3 A Levels in the second year and, in exceptional circumstances, students may apply to study more than 4 AS Levels.

In the section of the website entitled A-Z of subjects  you will be able to view detailed information about the subjects that you can apply to study at Elliott Hudson College.  Information for the subjects which are in the process of being reformed for first teaching in September 2015 is currently from the draft specifications.  This information will be updated with information from the accredited specifications once it becomes available.  Students are encouraged to check the website regularly for updates about each subject and also for updates about Elliott Hudson College.

A-Z of Subjects

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When choosing a course we advise students to ask themselves the following questions:

Do I know what I want to do after Year 13?

YES: What subjects do I need to take in order to ensure I am eligible for my preferred route following Year 13? Is it likely that I will meet the entry criteria for these subjects? What grades will I need to achieve in these subjects in order to progress in the way I would like?

NO: What subjects do I enjoy? Which subjects am I likely to meet the entry criteria for? What grades am I likely to achieve in the subjects that I may be able to study at A Level?

Remember there are many websites available to help you identify your areas of interest and routes of progressions from this, including:  – for information on university entry criteria.   – which uses data from the annual student satisfaction survey and contains useful information including: the percentage of applicants who receive offers, which A Level subjects applicants have studied and destinations information for graduates. We would also advise students to speak to their current teachers about courses in which they are interested and to attend one of our open events, details of which can be found on the college’s website. Once you have chosen the four courses you wish to study you are ready to make your application.  Please refer to the ‘making your application’ section of the website for more details.