Entry requirements

Academic Entry Criteria

We require all students to demonstrate considerable success at GCSE. As a minimum profile we would be expecting students to attain 5A*-C grades at GCSE including a C grade in English/English Language and a C grade in Mathematics.

In addition if a student is applying for an A Level course that they have studied at GCSE it is expected that a student would attain a minimum of a C grade in this subject. If a student is wishing to study Mathematics at A Level they should have a minimum of a grade B in GCSE Mathematics and an A in GCSE Mathematics if a student wishes to study Further Maths at A Level. Where a student wishes to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics, students must have taken the higher tier examinations for Additional Science (and/or Further Additional Science) and achieved a grade B (with a minimum of a grade C in Core Science). If a student has studied separate Sciences students should have achieved a grade B overall in the higher tier examinations for the subject they wish to take at A Level. Finally if a student wishes to study a Modern Foreign Language at A Level a student must achieve a grade B in the chosen language at GCSE.

Please note courses ‘equivalent to GCSE’ will be accepted at the college’s discretion and will be counted as one C (or above) GCSE grade depending on the ‘volume’ and suitability of the qualification. 

Performance in interview

Students who have been invited to attend an interview must ‘pass’ the interview in order to be offered a Conditional Offer at Elliott Hudson College. The interview is designed to assess a student’s aptitude in their chosen subjects and to assess the extent to which the college is likely to add value in terms of making a difference to the student’s future career.


Students who have experienced difficulties during Key Stage 4 of a personal or a school-based nature should not be deterred from applying to us, even if, because of those difficulties, they believe they are unlikely to meet the minimum entry profile.  We will want to look carefully at each student on their individual merit and their capacity to study to an Advanced Level with great success.The college is committed to recruiting with integrity.  This may sometimes mean that we will offer a student a place at the college subject to our guidance on their Programme of Study. Information, Advice and Guidance is provided at all stages and takes into account a range of factors including GCSE score, predicted grades, actual grades, interview performance and other factors.