Vision and Ethos

Elliott Hudson College will, as its central mission, focus on ensuring that young people in the Leeds city region enjoy access to truly inspirational academic Post-16 education. The college will have a full capacity of 1,000 students who will choose to attend because of its reputation as a part of the nationally renowned The GORSE Academies Trust.  Elliott Hudson will seek to attract the brightest and most ambitious students from across the city bringing them together in a place of learning which will be demanding and enjoyable.

We are determined to show through Elliott Hudson College that poverty and deprivation should in no way limit either the quality of a young person’s educational experience or the levels of achievement to which those students are able to rise.  As a strategic partner in The Leeds Teaching School Alliance, Elliott Hudson College enjoys professional standards and expectations which are exemplary.  It also benefits from a recruitment profile which has a national reputation.  Indeed, our mission statement stands as our cornerstone:  ‘Dare to achieve beyond what you are today’.

As a city Leeds continues to underperform regarding the educational achievement of communities in all areas, including those which are most disadvantaged. The GORSE Academies Trust has already displayed its determination to use the free schools initiative to challenge this unacceptable situation.  In September 2014, for example, the trust opened one of the largest free schools in the country which will eventually be positioned in Leeds city centre.  In addition to this the trust has also shown clearly its ability to bring about outstanding educational provision in areas of significant disadvantage; for example our intervention at The Farnley Academy commenced in September 2009 when its performance placed it in the 99th percentile for progress at Key Stage 4.  As an inner city school only 32% of students secured 5 A*-C grades including English and Mathematics.  Despite the doubts of many, performance at the academy has been transformed.  As an example, 73% of students secured 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics in 2013 and, in an inspection which took place on 11 and 12 December 2013, the school was judged to be outstanding overall.  This is in an academy which was placed in an Inadequate category by Ofsted in June 2010.

…students will be required to attend lectures to extend their knowledge and understanding of a range of concepts, theories, and critical viewpoints to challenge their thinking and complement their learning.

Though the college’s curriculum will be traditional with students studying 4 A Levels over a two year course, the curriculum structure will be exciting, dynamic and highly challenging.  Students will be assigned a Progression Tutor who will follow them through on their learning journey in their time at the college.  As well as attending normal lessons students will also be required to attend lectures to extend their knowledge and understanding of a range of concepts, theories and critical viewpoints and to challenge their thinking and complement their learning.  Elliott Hudson College will be a research and innovation centred establishment with students trained to be confident in utilising undergraduate and postgraduate level research papers and international documents which are of the highest calibre.  The Extended Project Qualification will be a key feature of study for many students over the course of their first year with us.  We would expect students to secure an A*, A or B grade in the EPQ thus placing them at a significant advantage in applications to top universities or leading employers.


Great emphasis will be placed on the development of all students’ public speaking skills.  This is recognised as a key barrier for many students in the Leeds city region, particularly in their aspirations to be successful in application to the best universities in the country and around the world.  Public speaking development will be a key feature of the curriculum.

The College Union will support the college in offering enormous diversity and opportunity through its enrichment   opportunities.  This will include a diverse sporting menu, exciting opportunities in the arts, languages and a debating and political forum which explores historical and contemporary issues of citizenship.

We know that Elliott Hudson College will be significantly over subscribed. This will afford us the opportunity to select students who show greatest passion for their subjects and the greatest determination to go on to the best universities in the world. Our greatest passion is to ensure that all students in the Leeds city region, including those from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds in the country, are taken to a level of performance which sees them graduating from the best universities in the world.