Studying Law at EHC has enhanced my awareness of the legal activities that happen within today’s society. The teachers within the Law department work hard and go above and beyond to support and work with each individual student to make sure that we reach our full potential. My legal studies have also broadened my knowledge as to the possible careers that I can go into that relate to law.

Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan Harvey

Course Description

This course will provide learners with a sound knowledge of the fundamental principles of the English legal system. Students will be provided with the opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the structure, personnel and functions of the English legal system and an in-depth knowledge of the operation of areas within both private and public law. Students will develop and apply the techniques of legal method and reasoning to analyse and offer answers to problems, based on legal principles, legislation and case law.

Entry Requirements

Achieve 5 or more standard GCSE passes or higher (grade 4 or higher).

If a student is applying for a course in a subject that they have studied at GCSE it is expected that a student would have achieved at least a standard pass (grade 4) in this subject.

Course Content

The Legal System and Criminal Law (01):

  • Civil courts and ADR (alternative dispute resolution)
  • Criminal process
  • Criminal courts
  • Penal system
  • Judiciary
  • The legal profession
  • Lay people in the legal system
  • Provision of legal services
  • Elements of a crime
  • Fatal offences
  • Non-fatal offences
  • Property offences
  • Attempted offences
  • General defences

Law-making and the Law of Tort (02):

  • Doctrine of precedent
  • Legislation
  • Delegated legislation
  • European Union law
  • Law reform
  • Liability in negligence
  • Occupiers’ liability
  • Torts connected to land
  • Vicarious liability
  • Defences and remedies

Further Law (03):

  • Nature of law
  • Law and morality
  • Law and justice
  • Law and society
  • Law and technology
  • Protection of the individual’s human rights and freedoms in the UK
  • Key provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Restrictions and enforcement of human rights law


This course is 100% externally examined. Students will sit three exams in total to be awarded the A Level Law qualification:

The Legal System and Criminal Law (01):
2 hour exam worth 100 marks
(Roughly 33% of the overall A Level)

Law-making and the Law of Tort (02):
2 hour exam worth 100 marks
(Roughly 33% of the overall A Level)

Further Law (03):
2 hour exam worth 100 marks
(Roughly 33% of the overall A Level)

Future Opportunities

The skills that you acquire through studying this course will be applicable in a wide range of careers including the legal profession (Barrister, Solicitor, Legal Secretary, etc.), the public services (Police Force), teaching and business.

You may also go on to study Law or related degrees (e.g. Business) at university or find a legal apprenticeship.