What our students say

Over 300 Year 13 students completed a survey about their experiences at EHC in September 2018. This is a summary of what they said about their time at the college.


said that the quality of teaching was good or better


said that the quality of support they received was good or better


said that the quality of course materials was good or better


said that the support they had in preparing for life after EHC was good or better

“…an amazing teacher who pushed me to the limits so I was more prepared..”

“amazing teachers…always willing to help you”

“…she’s helped and supported me through college and helped me find my passion for my subject”

“Amazing teacher who goes above and beyond to help his students”

“I want to give a special mention to everyone in the college, the teachers, students, the alliance team which have helped me and made this experience memorable.  I will miss EHC.”

“She’s incredibly helpful, her enthusiasm is contagious and her organisation skills are rather motivational.”

“….huge help listened to my problems helped me face challenges this year and supported me all the way”