Admissions for September 2020

Due to continuing restrictions in place in terms of which students can be in schools and the complication of social distancing, EHC will not be enrolling students for September 2020 face to face. Full details of the changes to the enrolment process can be found in the ‘Securing a Place at EHC’ video which can be viewed as part of the Taster Day. A hard copy of the enrolment instructions was sent to applicants by post during the week commencing 6/7/20 and by email on 13/7/20. If you did not receive this communication, please contact the admissions team on [email protected]. The amended admission policy, enrolment instructions and instructions on how to upload GCSE results can be found below. Please note that Moodle is the host for the application site – you do not need an additional log in.

Year 11 Enrolment Information

Non-partner schools enrolment information
Trust, partner and high propensity enrolment information
Uploading GCSE results on computer
Uploading GCSE results on phone
Admissions Policy – COVID-19 Amended Policy
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Bridging The Gap Between Year 11 and Year 12

The Bridging the Gap activities for all subjects can be accessed by clicking on the buttons below. They are not intended as compulsory work to complete before starting college. They are there to help you restart your education, gain some confidence and get your brain working again before September. You can do as many as you wish!