In April, Frances and Marcel were selected to visit MediaCom – Adweek’s Global Media Agency of the Year – in London for a day of training. ‘Future Creatives Day’ was about giving young people the opportunity to network with professionals, work on live briefs and seek advice on their future careers.

Frances: “Firstly there was a presentation on about MediaCom and what they do.”

Marcel: “The whole purpose of the trip is to get a taste of what marketing is all about, the types of briefs and, not only the actual realization of products but, the planning and preparation required for a campaign. They explained to us that an essential step is to put yourself into the shoes of consumers.”

Frances: “We then were given multiple tasks to do with sporting moments and sport legends, and were asked about our own experiences responding to sporting advertisements for trainers and completed worksheets on how we’re influenced by advertisements. Then in groups we worked on a live brief for a new type of Adidas trainer; we had to come up with three campaign ideas on how to launch the product. We then pitched our ideas to the professionals who gave us feedback.”

Marcel: “This was good since it helped us build confidence to share in front of a large audience that you’ve never seen before whilst meeting new friends. The second task was to brainstorm ideas with a focus on the number ‘500’, since it is recommended that you change shoes every 500km to ensure adequate protection and support! One of our ideas included a community-like game where consumers engage in a running app on mobile phones tracking how far they have run, connecting you to other runners to compete in teams across the network.”

Frances: “The whole day was enjoyable and there was lots to learn from the experience.”

Marcel: “I learnt a lot about how to make an effective marketing campaign, what to do and what to avoid when targeting audiences, and how to work effectively towards a brief.”

The students had a successful and day of learning and networking, and Marcel has also been head-hunted for further opportunities in MediaCom’s work with ‘Future Creatives’.