Confirmed Dates

  • Monday 18th September – Year 13 Parental Information Evening – Destinations

  • Monday 24th September – Year 12 Parental Information Evening – Welcome

  • Tuesday 12th October – Rowing Programme Information Evening

  • Thursday 23rd November – Year 13 Parental Information Evening – Finance

  • Wednesday 12th December 2018 – Parents’ Evening

  • Thursday 7th March 2019 – Parents’ Evening

  • Monday 12 MarchParental Information Evening – Health and Wellbeing

It is extremely important to us at EHC that we keep you, as parents/carers, fully informed about the progress of your son/daughter and that we work closely with you to ensure that your son/ daughter receives the best possible support both at home and in college. Therefore we will be holding a range of Parental Information and Feedback events throughout the year.

Parental Information Evening 1 is designed to provide you with important information regarding the way that students are assessed and to outline the expectations of the college.

Parental Information Evening 2 will provide you with practical strategies to help you support your son/ daughter through A-Level study including a focus on maintaining health and well being.

The Year 13 Parental Information Evening on destinations will help you to develop a clearer understanding of the career options available to students and the application process for university.

The Year 13 Student Finance evening will provide you with a clear guide to understanding the financial implications of Higher Education.

The Year 12 Parents’ Evening is a chance for you to meet subject teachers and discuss the progress of your child. You will also receive important information regarding the mock examinations and support with how to help your son/daughter to prepare for these assessments.

The Year 13 Parents’ Evening will be a further opportunity for you to meet subject teachers and will also include workshops on helping your son/daughter to consider final destinations and the implications of UCAS clearing.

The Rowing Programme Parental Information Evening is a chance for you to meet our rowing coach and learn more about this exciting opportunity.

In addition to the calendared dates above, we will also be holding an Information Evening for the parents/carers of ‘High Achieving’ students as well as an additional evening to take you through the process of University applications. Furthermore,?an evening to outline the implications regarding coursework subjects will be held in the autumn term.

We will inform you of the dates for these events in due course.