Alliance Structure

Each student at EHC is placed in an Alliance. The Alliances were named by the first ever EHC students after inspirational figures: Luther King, Earhart, Yousafzai and Hawking.

Inspiring students through community spirit lies at the heart of the Alliance System. Each Alliance has a Head of Alliance who is integral to day-to-day college life, and will ensure that students are provided with an exciting range of opportunities within the Alliance System. By becoming an active member of their Alliance students will find that they make new friends, enjoy college to the full, and gain skills that are imperative for their future career aspirations.

The Student Alliance Body will also be critical in supporting ‘Alliance events’. These encompass a range of academic and sporting challenges designed to seek out and reward the Alliance which ultimately demonstrates all round ability and, most importantly, outstanding participation and team-work.

An Alliance assembly will be held each week where students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and learn more about those issues that affect young people. Assemblies are also a time to celebrate diversity and learn more about different cultures and faiths.