The college commitment to students:

1. Quality of Teaching

We will ensure that your teaching is of the highest possible quality in all subject areas. Lessons are designed to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. You will be set challenging and aspirational minimum grade expectations.

2. Assessment and Feedback

You will receive a model of sixth form teaching that is focused upon the requirements of your examinations. Very regular assessments will ensure that you are clear about the progress that you are making. Feedback will be clear about the strengths that you have and the steps that you need to take to improve. Examples of top quality work will be used to reinforce the characteristics of high grade performance.

3. Positive Support

You will be given support and encouragement to overcome any barriers you experience. The staff at EHC will treat you as an individual and take the time to get to know you and ensure you are well cared for. You will receive the support of a Personal Progress Tutor who will work with you to ensure you achieve your minimum expected grades and provide care to ensure personal wellbeing.

4. Progression Focused

We will ensure that we prepare you for the next stage of your education, training or employment. We will provide high quality careers education, information and guidance to help you make informed choices about your future.

5. Independence

You will be given challenging, independent work to do which will deepen your understanding of each subject you study. You will be provided with an essential reading list to expand the breadth of your understanding. We will provide the opportunity for you to demonstrate your independent and project management skills by completing an Extended Project Qualification in a topic area of your choice.

The student commitment to EHC:

1. The Basics

I understand the foundations of success: I will attend all lessons, on time, prepared, dressed appropriately and with the right equipment. I will ensure that I wear my ID badge at all times to ensure the safety of everybody at EHC. These things will be known as ‘The Basics’ and it is my responsibility to get these right.

2. Respect for the Community

I will treat all members of the college community, within and outside of the college and on social media, with the respect that everyone deserves. I am committed to the traditional British values of liberty, democracy and the rule of law. I will demonstrate tolerance and respect to all people regardless of their faith, race, culture, sexuality or gender. I understand that I have a responsibility to report any concerns regarding the well being of others. I will ensure that I treat the college environment with respect as an effective learning environment needs everybody to take care of it.

3. Commitment

I will show commitment to my studies. I will complete independent work on time, to the right standard, and will devote the required time to my wider reading. Each A Level studied will require 4 hours of independent study per week to be successful. I will ensure that part-time work will not affect my grades. A part-time job can be a great experience but I understand that if I work more than 8 hours per week my grades will suffer.

4. Attitude

I will respect the right of all students to learn and all teachers to teach. I understand that my behaviour and actions will have an effect on the learning of others and it is my attitude which determines my behaviour. It is my commitment to independent study and the quality of my student file that is the clearest demonstration of my attitude to my studies and, ultimately, the grade I will achieve.

5. Attendance

I will ensure that I attend all timetabled lessons including assemblies, tutorials and any other scheduled meetings. I will ensure that I do not book holidays in term time and I am clear that missed attendance for any reason will cost me grades. If I am absent I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the college before my first lesson or before 9am (whichever is earlier). I understand that successful students have attendance above 95% and that if my attendance drops below 85% I will risk not progressing into Year 13 and not being entered for any external examinations.