Exams are a crucial part of your life and Elliott Hudson College will make every effort to ensure you receive the best possible preparation, that administrative arrangements run smoothly and that exams are conducted in a way that will make the experience stress-free and successful.

The Exams Officer is Mrs S Holden. Please email any queries to [email protected], or ask at Reception.

GCSE Re-Sits November
Year 13 Mock Exams December
Year 12 Mock Exams May
Summer Exams May – June

Morning exams start at 9.00am and afternoon exams at 1.30pm. You must arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start time. Registration takes place in the Student Services quad, behind the Hall. Please ensure that all personal belongings including any mobile phones, smart watches or other internet enabled technology are stored away either in your locker, or in the changing rooms near room 1.07.

Timetables will be sent out to students at least 2 weeks prior to the first exam of each season. Paper copies will be handed out in tutorials and electronic copies sent out to your student email address, with an additional copy sent by email to your parent/carer. Your calendar will update to show all of your exams, the room you are in and your seat number.

Seat numbers can change right up until just before the start of the exam, so it is always advisable to double check the seating plan, which is displayed on the Exams Noticeboard, at the back of the Hall, just before your exam.

Please note that Tuesday 29 June 2021 has been designated as a contingency day. All candidates must remain available until this day.

If you are unwell or have been affected by circumstances outside your control at the time of your exam please inform the Exams Officer. Should these circumstances affect your performance during your exams, a request for Special Consideration can be made afterwards. This is a post-examination adjustment based on your individual situation and is at the exam board’s discretion.

If you are unable to attend an exam due to illness or some other serious reason, you must contact college Reception as soon as possible, or at the latest, 8.00 am on the day of your exam. If appropriate, medical evidence must be provided stating your illness, specific dates and that you were unfit to take the exam.

Misreading your timetable is not an acceptable reason for absence.

Access Arrangements such as readers, scribes or extra time are pre-examination adjustments based on an evidence of need and a student’s normal way or working. They allow candidates to access the examinations/assessments without being disadvantaged. The need for an access arrangement has to be assessed by an independent, qualified assessor and an application is then submitted to each exam board. If you had an access arrangement for your GCSEs, or you feel that you may qualify for one, please inform your Progress Tutor, so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Non-examination assessments and coursework are subject to JCQ rules and regulations. The regulations state that:

  • “the work which you submit for assessment must be your own”
  • “you must not copy from someone else or allow another candidate to copy from you”

If you copy the work or ideas of others and don’t show your sources in references, this will be considered as cheating (see Plagiarism section of the Student Handbook).

Internal Appeals Procedure

Certain tests which are required for university admission can be sat at Elliott Hudson College.

Entry opens on 1 September each year and you will need to hand in a complete Early Entry Request Form and payment (where required) no later than the college deadline (stated on the form). For more information please speak with the Alliance Team or the Exams Officer. Forms can be either collected from Reception or downloaded from the forms section of this page.

For general information on early entry tests please visit www.admissionstesting.org.

Please note, we do not accept entry requests for private candidates.

Results must always be collected in person, unless you have given prior written consent for someone else to collect them on your behalf. Please complete a Third Party Authorisation Form (below), or email [email protected] stating your name, the person you have nominated and that you give consent for them to collect your results. The person who collects your results must have photo ID. If you want your results to be posted out, a self addressed, stamped envelope must be handed in to the Exams Officer before results day.

  • November GCSE Re-sits – Thursday 14 January 2021
  • A-levels/Cambridge Technicals/Level 3 – Thursday 13 August 2020
  • GCSE – Thursday 20 August 2020

Certificates will be available to collect at the following times:

  • November certificates –  March
  • January certificates – April
  • Summer certificates – December

Specific information regarding how and when to collect your certificates will be displayed on the college website nearer the time.

As with results, certificates must always be collected in person, unless you have given prior written permission for someone else to collect them on your behalf. A hand written letter, or email to [email protected] will be accepted. The person who collects your certificates must have photo ID. If you want your certificates to be posted out, a self addressed, stamped envelope (sufficient to hold an A4 certificate) must be provided to the Exams Officer.

Certificates are kept for 4 years from the time of issue and then confidentially destroyed. Please contact the exams boards if you need to order replacement certificates, charges will apply.

Third Party Collection Form
Early Entry Request

JCQ Candidate Information Documents

JCQ – Written Exams
JCQ – Onscreen Tests
JCQ – Privacy Notice
JCQ – Coursework
JCQ – Social Media
JCQ – No mobile phones
JCQ – Warning To Candidates