Our Pledge

Elliott Hudson College is committed to supporting its students in achieving their full potential, both in terms of qualifications and their future opportunities. We therefore pledge that we will:

  • Care for students’ safety and happiness
  • Support students to achieve their full potential
  • Build positive relationships with students to achieve high standards of work and behaviour through a developed sense of responsibility
  • Keep students and parents/carers informed about college matters and the progress each student is making
  • Be open and welcoming at all times and over opportunities for all to become involved in the daily life of the college
  • Provide opportunities for students to discuss their future with experienced, well- informed, qualified and impartial careers staff
  • Keep students and parents/carers up to date with relevant information regarding national changes to the educational landscape.

Personal Progress Tutor

A student’s time throughout sixth form can be extremely demanding and students need someone to help in supporting, guiding and tracking their progress. At EHC each student has a Personal Progress Tutor. This is a member of staff who is solely dedicated to the pastoral care and wellbeing of students at EHC. They act as the first port of call for both parents/carers and students regarding progress, attainment and behaviour. In addition to monitoring student progress and wellbeing in lessons, the Progress Tutor team analyse student progress data regularly to assess whether students are on track. They also work very closely with all teaching staff to help provide effective and swift intervention, to get students back on track as soon as possible.

Guidance Tutorials

Dedicated tutors deliver the Post-18 Planning Programme and will closely monitor achievement and attendance. Guidance sessions are held each week for one hour. Tutors will support with all applications for higher education, further training, or employment, helping to create an outstanding personal statement and reference.

The guidance programme aims to ensure that students leave EHC fully prepared for the challenges of life after A Levels. Therefore a focus will be placed on helping to develop students’ knowledge of the wider world, as well as developing skills that are integral to leading a happy and successful life. The list below shows some of the topics that will be included in the guidance programme:

  • Study skills – bridging the gap between Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 and how to be an effective post-16 learner
  • Revision skills
  • Post-18 progression
  • UCAS applications – how the process works and writing a competitive personal statement
  • Student finance
  • Mock interviews and presentations
  • Gap year pathways
  • Managing your finances and how to live on a budget
  • Sexual, mental and physical health
  • Celebration of equality and diversity
  • Spirituality and faith
  • Healthy relationships
  • Driver safety
  • National Citizenship Service
  • Mindfulness and motivation
  • Democracy and exploring issues in politics.

Mrs Rosie Quashie (Senior Assistant Principal) is the Designated Safeguard Officer for EHC and should be contacted in case of any safeguarding concerns.